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Elite Performance Judo Center’s head coach, Kari Gabriel, is one of the top coaches in the country in Judo. Kari has been in Judo for nearly 40 years as she started judo when she was 8 years old. Her family sold everything in Missoula Montana and moved to Colorado Springs to train at the Olympic Training Center at age 14 to allow her to achieve her dreams in judo. Kari shot up to a #1 rank in the nation in junior and senior black divisions in just a years time. At 15, Kari was traveling all over the world training and competing at the highest level and had the privilege to compete in the most prestigious international grand slam events in several different countries and train with some of the worlds best. In 1992 Kari made second seed spot for that years Olympic team. Kari decided to cut her competitive career short due to her mothers’ long time illness that eventually took her life in 2001. In 1996 Kari started at Hyland Hills Judo Club as head coach and ran a very successful program for 23 years producing dozens of national champions and international medalists which led to receiving the Top Coach of the Year Award in all of Colorado in 2004 and becoming one of the top National Coaches in America to this day.
2019 is the year that Kari felt it was time to start her very own judo center, Elite Performance Judo, so that she can take this Martial Arts judo center to a whole new level and continue to grow in every direction possible in order to make it great and give my team everything they deserve, because they are family.

Elite Performance Judo Center’s assistant coach, Jesse Butler, is one of the top male elite athletes in the country at 81kg and a future Olympic hopeful. Currently he has a busy schedule traveling all over the world year around in trying to gain the experience needed in order to make his dreams happen. When he is home in Denver he also helps coach our team each night and is an amazing role model for our younger generations. Jesse started at 6 years old coached by Kari Gabriel from the very beginning till now and are going through this exciting journey together.

Kari and Jesse have gone through a lot together in 14 years but we are just getting started! Our common goal is to create a positive and safe environment, build strong human beings for their future, show others how you can achieve anything that you set your mind to, to develop a strong work ethic and to be disciplined enough to do it which is the way to success, why its important to never quit or give up especially in the hardest times and why grit is important, and how crucial it is to become a leader in their own lives.

Here at Elite Performance Judo Center our focus is to build strong, solid, stable, confident, respectful, disciplined, hard working, compassionate, always willing to give back to others, and focused individuals. That is what this is all about! Oh, and producing great judo players at the same time with our winning judo system that Kari has been teaching for 23 years.

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