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Benefits of Judo

Why should one practice Judo? What does Judo give us? There is a way bigger picture of why we do Judo, and what everyone should know about Judo.

The competition aspect is a very small percentage of why we practice Judo. Judo is a way of life. Judo builds so many strengths within because its not easy, and when something is very hard and challenging, we gain the most growth within.

By practicing Judo you will learn many tools and skills that you will need in regular everyday life. One will learn RESPECT, gain CONFIDENCE, develop a WORK ETHIC, know how to SET GOALS and how to ACHIEVE them, FOLLOW THROUGH, COMMITMENT, DISCIPLINE, COORDINATION, BALANCE, DRIVE, GRIT, COMMUNICATION, TEAM WORK, INNER CALM, FOCUS, LISTENING SKILLS, PERSEVERANCE, PERSISTENCE, learning how to NEVER GIVE UP when the going gets hard, how to HANDLE DEFEAT, how to HANDLE WINNING, learn to GIVE BACK, BE PRESENT and IN THE MOMENT, become a LEADER, SELF CONTROL, COMPASSION, enhance MENTAL/EMOTIONAL/PHYSICAL strengths, and the list goes on and on.

In order to learn these valuable skills and become a champion in life, one important step is to be in the presence of other champions!

How can Martial Arts help your child in others areas of their lives?

In practicing a Martial Art like Judo, it can help in areas such as weight loss, being more respectful and helpful at home, getting better school grades and getting into less trouble, Anti bullying and on the other end having the strength, self esteem, and confidence to prevent being bullied, knowing how to defend yourself if need be, making good choices, the importance of setting goals, being challenged outside ones comfort zone, having pride in learning a martial art that is building growth within just to help become a more well rounded and successful human being in life.

Children that are autistic, have ADD or ADHD, or just an overall abundance amount of energy that needs to be channeled in the right way, then martial arts is an amazing outlet.

As Far as Teens and Adults

The same can apply, but very often trying something new and fun to learn is a great way to stay active, be more healthy, staying motivated and committed, a wonderful stress reliever,  and to keep your body strong as you age.

The saying goes, “Who you surround yourself with, you become."



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