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Judo Programs at Elite Performance Judo Center

EPJC teaches all levels of judoka. From beginner to advanced, and to even the highest olympic level.

Our center caters to competitive athletes at any and all levels, to others who would like to do judo for fitness and learning something fun and new, to also cross train to better prepare themselves in other sports, or just looking to belong to a loyal awesome Martial Arts Judo Family.

At EPJC we offer private lessons. Contact Kari for pricing.

Our newest program starting soon will be our TINY TIGAR program for 3 and 4 year olds. It will be a 45 minute class that consists of helping these little guys develop strength, balance, coordination, confidence, agility, self control, discipline, listening skills, and how to follow direction. We will play games to develop these skills and set up fun obstacle courses. They will work with the head judo coach, Kari, doing various exercises of development. Doesn’t hurt to burn some of that energy they have too!! These classes will allow them to meet new friends and to get an early start on learning these important skills. These skills will carry through out their entire life!

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Kids under 11 and under get a free gi